Sue Martin  

Local supportSue Martin, Parkinson's local adviser

Sue Martin is the Parkinson's Local Advisor for the York, Selby, Wakefield and Kirklees areas.
She offers one-to-one information and support to people with Parkinson's, their families and carers.
Tel 0344 2253635 

Sue tells us about her role.

"As well as supporting people by phone and email I go out on home visits, and I attend local clinics where I work alongside the doctors, nurses and physiotherapists to offer information and support to their patients.

"I also work with other voluntary organisations including Age UK, Stroke Association, Relate and Alzheimer's Society, making sure that their staff and volunteers are aware of the services we offer.

"I link with Parkinson's UK local groups in my patch. I like to remind them that I'm here for their members and make sure that anyone new to the group has my contact details.

"Some of my time is spent in the office, catching up on paperwork or supporting people over the phone. Not everyone needs a home visit, so it's important that I'm able to tailor support to their needs."

Inspiring work

"I find my job really rewarding. You never know what you'll be doing one week to the next and I find the people I work with very inspiring.

"One gentleman I worked with was near to going into a care home as his family believed this was the only place he would get the care and support he needed.

"By working with them to identify his needs and get the right support in place, he was able to stay in his own home. Feeling independent again gave him such a boost of confidence that he even went to visit his family abroad."

I offer information and support to people at every stage of Parkinson's, whether they're newly diagnosed or starting to deal with more complex symptoms.

Here for carers and families too

"I work with carers and families of people with Parkinson's as much as people with the condition themselves.

"Giving them support and information when they have questions, and reassuring them that they're doing a good job is really important.

"Often I've found that carers feel guilty when they need a bit of a break.

"Respite is crucial as caring for someone with Parkinson's can be a full-time job. I remind them that they can only look after their loved one if they look after themselves."